"Love of beauty is Taste. Creation of beauty is Art."               -Ralph Waldo Emmerson



Years Experience:


Describe your training:

"Paul Mitchell, Loreal Professionnel, Aveda, Davines"

What is your color / cutting specialty?

"I specialize in Balayage, and creating natural looks that still turn heads. For cuts I enjoy creating a lot of movement within structure."

Why Balayage?

"Balayage is a form of hair painting, The surface of the hair is gently lightened without the use of foils, giving you a softer grow out and a diffused look. It is designed to emmulate what the sun would naturally do - slightly brighter around the face, and lighter through the ends.

What about Flamboyage?

Flamboyage is another hair painting technique, using mesh strips instead of foils to allow for more creative color placement. This is a perfect lowlight companion to Balayage highlights, or a great way to softly introduce color into the hair. It is a technique unique to Davines.


A little more...


Most of Marissa's earliest childhood memories took place in a hair salon. From sweeping hair, to washing brushes, even as a young child she was very insistent on helping her Grandfather make his guests feel beautiful. His 4 chair salon was nnothing glamorous, but as she gew up and looked back on this environment, it became clear that her Grandfathers' business wasn't a business at all - it was his passion. 


It is the same passion that influences Marissa's career totday. Whether it's on set for a photo shoot or behind the chair in the salon, Marissa's energy is always focused and creative. She is committed to elevating the industry through education and dedication to the craft of hair-dressing. it is her personal belief that "It takes talent to create something beautiful, it takes skill to do it more than once."